Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Saudi Arabia Small Restaurant and Social Media

I have discussed earlier some value levers of implementing Web 2.0 in an organization. In this blog post, I would like to examine another example about leveraging Web 2.0 in a small business.

F6or_Faris is a small restaurant specialising in breakfast. The idea was based on Hashtag created by Faris Hani Alturki to share different breakfast ideas that he tried after being sick because he did not consider breakfast as one of the daily meals. He then started to read and view different types of meals and shared his view with this hashtag. He as then surprised with the large amount of people who were interested and attracted by this hashtag, all of which made him decide to open his small restaurant. Even though F6or_Faris has a Facebook account, a Twitter account was the main marketing channel for the business.

Market research and customer insights:

To ensure customer retention, F6or_Faris gathers customer insights and suggestions about products, brands and services to ensure customer satisfaction and even helps them in developing new products. Communicating with customers in a timely manner and listening to their feedback about the product serves as an input for product requirements, design and pricing methodology. Having customer insights influences the outcome of the company and allows them to be proactive with such important feedback.

Marketing Communication/ Interaction:

It was claimed in The Social economy report, McKinsey Global Institute, 2012 that, “recently anyone with a smartphone or computer can become a publisher or share his creative output with the world”. F6or_Faris promotes new products especially using a Twitter account by sharing product information and pictures about the new products, so as to advertise it to the online community, giving them direct communication with customers at a lower cost and highly targeted messages.

Social Commerce:

One of the big value levers for F6or_Faris is that it is based on recommending products to friends. For instance, when I buy something and share the experience in Twitter or Facebook, I might influence my “Friends list” to buy this product and consequently benefit the business itself.

I believe F6or_Faris has successfully adopted Web 2.0 tools and has an excellent start up rate for the business. Now they should introduce new channels to broaden the customer base. For example, they might introduce a blog to give their customers a place to communicate with each other and consequently broaden their business in an effective way. @F6or_Faris  

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  1. This is quite interesting Maram... is F6or_Faris local or do they have stores in other countries?

  2. Well, they are still local, but I'm expected an expansion soon in their restaurant to cover the whole country.

  3. Faris used the social media in very professional and creative way . In my opinion , using social media in every part of the business such as getting feedback through Twitter is a smart and easy way to develop a good relation between the customers and the business . I hope other small businesses will follow Faris’s way to use social media and relate it to their business because every thing now is related to social media .
    This is one of the greatest blogs I have read recently , Thank you Maram

    1. I totally agree with you, especially in using social media to develop a two way communication between customers and the company.
      Thanks for your reply, I'm glad that you liked it.